Bray Aquathon – Wicklow Tri Club Aquathlon

Well I hope everyone had fun tonight, it was another great race with two new WTC Aquathon Champions, Jennifer Duffy and Stephen Early. So it was Jennifer first home for the ladies closley followed by Elana Maslova and Marie Sudway. In the mens race Stephen just piped Conor O’Keefe to the line with James MCFadden taking third and Alex Gray of Wicklow Tri coming home Fourth.

We seem to have lost one race number so if your name is not on the list please send an email to . Also there was a mixup with a wetsuit so if anyone has a mens Orca wetsuit please again send an email to the address above and finally a small TYR wetsuit was left behind so if you forgot your wetsuit please send an email.

So a big thanks once again to our sponsors Amphibian King and The Martello and to all the members of WTC for all your support and help and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year.


Deborah and Brendan

Race Directors

Bray Aquathlon Results August 2011

Link to Photos on flickr from the run stage of the Bray Aquathon.

Bray Aquathlon Results August 2011

PosTimeMen PosTimeWomen
100:24:00Stephen Early100:28:42Jennifer Duffy
200:24:02conor O Keeffe200:29:33Elena Maslova
300:24:57James McFadden300:30:59marie Sudway
400:25:21Alex Gray400:31:16vivienne fenton
500:25:26Scott Graham500:32:15Siobhan Duggan
600:25:47Aidan Murphy600:32:27Joana Cullen
700:26:03Matt Coughlan700:32:35Grainne McGuckian
800:26:10Ciaran Giblin800:33:00Linda Clarke
900:26:24Noel Kavanagh900:33:02Helen Cameron
1000:26:37Andrew Kavanagh1000:34:00Claudine Hughes
1100:27:01John Woods1100:34:18Sinead O Sullivan
1200:27:28David Power1200:34:31Aisling Wyer
1300:27:36Michael McGloin1300:34:37Lisa Bishop
1400:28:06Conor Duggan1400:34:42Sheila Ryan
1500:28:07micheal gaffey1500:34:43Sarah Jane Cullen
1600:28:19KARL WALSH1600:34:49Fiona Duggan
1700:29:09Nick Byrne1700:34:49Ilona Malgorzata
1800:29:28Csaba Egly1800:35:09Helen French
1900:29:39Ivan Eustace1900:35:14deirdre hough
2000:29:44Brian McNally2000:35:34karen graham
2100:29:56Darragh Phelan2100:36:04Eve Armstrong
2200:30:10Stephen Murphy2200:36:12Jane Ryan
2300:30:20Senan Murphy2300:36:16Joanne Agnew
2400:30:31Mark Condon2400:37:11Audrey McGrath
2500:30:41Neil Megannety2500:37:38Fiona Tormey
2600:30:46Niall Cunnane2600:37:42Catherine Murray
2700:30:56Ronan Stanley2700:37:55Ciara Fitzgerald
2800:31:00Jameson Niall2800:37:56Alison Larkin
2900:31:03Aiden Campbell2900:38:13Mary Dawson
3000:31:10Eoin George3000:38:17Aoife Connaughton
3100:31:11Cormac O'Connor3100:38:36meave mcguckian
3200:31:18Ronan O'Flaherty3200:38:43Marie Burke
3300:31:23Dave Roche3300:38:51Wendy Lundy
3400:31:32Damian McKeever3400:39:41Aibhe Tierney
3500:31:50Damien Hynes3500:39:58Louise Bennett
3600:31:52Barry Greene3600:40:50Toni odriscoll
3700:31:54Barry Flynn3700:40:58Aibhinn Wilson O'Keeffe
3800:32:06Jeff Martin3800:41:09Amanda Mannix
3900:32:08Paul Fox3900:41:26hilary mckeown
4000:32:13Alan Wildes4000:42:12Sheila Ryan
4100:32:14Matt McKerrow4100:42:13Evelyn Gaffney
4200:32:14Darren Owens4200:42:50Karen Cowan
4300:32:17kevin doyle4300:43:13Fiona Christian
4400:32:40Brian O'Neill4400:44:56Karen Butler
4500:32:42James Byrne4500:45:32Julienne Paye
4600:32:50Mark McKeever4600:46:02Teresa McGirk
4700:32:50Adam Connaughton4700:46:59Amanda Ralph
4800:33:13idris naji4800:47:57Jackie McCann
4900:33:25Stephen Flood4900:50:11Elaine Howley
5000:33:31Gerard O'Rourke
5100:33:36Cian MacGinley
5200:33:38Des Hogan
5300:33:47Jarlath Keaney
5400:34:00Rob Moran
5500:34:00Derek Dawson
5600:34:03Marcus Trehy
5700:34:34Corrie Adams
5800:34:36Olivier Van Parys
5900:34:37Mark Butler
6000:34:44Conor Eannetta
6100:34:49Declan Cassidy
6200:34:53Alex O'Brien
6300:34:57Robert Jennings
6400:35:17Steven Nally
6500:35:19Karl Gohery
6600:35:49Fergal Fitzmaurice
6700:36:13Brian Codyre
6800:36:52Joseph King
6900:36:58Adrian Dungan
7000:38:26Samir Naji
7100:38:40Declan Quinn
7200:41:51Michael Martin

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