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Our third member’s is the Irish national record holder for the 100 mile TT and is the Chris Lieto of triathlon in Ireland with incredible bike strength -except this guy can run too…

(Editors Note: We interviewed Bryan when we launched back in December 2009 as he was moving from being an ex-professional footballer to becoming a pro-triathlete.)


Name: Bryan McCrystal

Hometown: Dundalk

Training base: 36 Park Street @ Baldwin Jewellers ;-)

Coach: Rob Griffiths TBUK


Twitter: @bryanmccrystal

Sponsors: Statsports, Helvetica Health, Sailfish, Primera TBUK

What are your planned events/distances for 2012?
South Africa 70.3 22nd Jan – Abu dhabi 3,200,20. 3rd march – Tristar Mallorca 111 15th April – Ironman Lanzarote 19th may – UK 70.3 17th June – Tristar Estonia 111 5th august

What are your goals for 2012 and what are you working on now to make them happen?
I am working on keeping my wife happy, this way i might get to complete some of my goals…This is my first year racing in the pro category so first and foremost I want to give a good account of myself. I would like to podium in at least one International Ironman event and hopefully win a Tristar event.

Will you race in Ireland this year?
I will, Not sure which races yet but they will be thrown in as training days…. excuses excuses!!

In recent years the Irish triathlon records have been tumbling. Do you have your eyes set on a new Irish record this year? If so what distance?
That’s correct!! When I enter races I look at finishing in say top 5, top 10 etc etc. Time is irrelevant to me because you never know what way weather can be.  But a sub 9 hour Ironman has a good ring to it!!!.. Hopefully some day…

What advantage does being Irish give you over your rivals?
Very little really… disadvantage maybe in that I spend a small fortune in sunscreen.

Tell us something not a lot of people know about you?
I’m a former centre half that would turn like the QE2… I was a professional for Leeds Utd some years back at youth and reserve level..Ive a good few irish caps knocking about… Nut-megged Frank Lampard back in the day!… I custom make wedding and engagement rings… I am obsessed with nutrition and think I’m fat all the time… gadget freak…

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